Stormwater - MS4 Requirements

 Storm Water Program (MS-4)

The Storm Water Management Program is an effort mandated by the Federal Government with the objective to cleanse the Chesapeake Bay of contaminants. The State of Pennsylvania has passed a Storm Water Management Act (Act 167) to comply with this effort. Act 167 requires municipalities in designated areas to take actions to eliminate contaminants. The Borough of Vandling is fortunate not to have any contaminants that are likely to reach the Lackawanna River as it is a major source of contaminants to the Chesapeake Bay. Permits from the State of Pennsylvania to discharge storm water are required of each municipality in designated areas. The Borough of Vandling is in the designated area and therefore must apply to the State of Pennsylvania for a permit every five (5) years and submit an annual status report. 

To comply with Act 167 Vandling Borough Council is taking the following action.

1. The Vandling Storm Water Ordinance has been passed that require certain actions be taken. The complete text of this document may be obtained by calling 570-785-5070.

2. The mailing of this annual newsletter identifies actions being taken to comply and increase awareness on the part of borough residents

3. The Borough has established a website that contains links to other web sites pertinent to this effort. You can also find additional information at

4. Vandling Borough has ten (10) specific areas that have to be monitored called outflows. Outflows must be monitored during dry weather conditions for illicit discharges. All out flows were monitored in 2018 and no illicit discharges were found. If illicit discharges were detected effort would be taken to determine the source. Corrective action would be taken and documented.

5. Pamphlets are available at the borough office during regular scheduled council meetings. If you have a specific question concerning this program call 570-785-5070 and leave your name and a phone number and a council member will contact you to answer your question. 

The following common discharges to the storm water system are prohibited:

Gasoline Steering wheel fluid

Motor oil Household grease

 Antifreeze  Sewage and wastewater

 Brake fluid Animal waste 


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